What is 0 car finance
What is 0 car finance?

0 car finance, sounds tempting, doesn’t it? It is also called discount finance but it is just a tactic used by dealers to attract more customers. In 0 car finance, the bank lends you the money and you repay it back over a longer time period, like in any other case. But the difference here …

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car on finance
Car on Finance Explained. Questions & Answers.

Are you looking to buy a car but are unsure where to start? Don’t worry as by the end of this article you’ll have a basic understanding of how car on finance works. Although the process is affected by multiple different factors, there are a few things that never change and always remain the same.

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Car Finance Myths
Car Finance Myths. Find Out More.

Common Myths about Car Finance Although the car finance is quite popular with car buyers, it remains a mystery for most. Those who haven’t encountered the process before can find it rather overwhelming at first, which is understandable since it involves many different things. Myths and misconceptions can make it harder for people to understand …

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